Will they? Won't they? Join us as we count down to July 31, 2020 - the end of the current legislative session - to see if Massachusetts legislators will pass the ROE Act and secure reproductive rights.



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All about the ROE Act.

Information you need to be up to speed on the ROE Act. There is still time to make a difference. Don't let this opportunity pass us by. Pass the ROE Act!


Will they or won't they?

Boston Red Cloaks is following the final weeks of the legislative session closely. Tune in to our podcast.


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It is June 17, 2020 and the Massachusetts legislative session is scheduled to close July 31 -- 44 days.  The question remains: "Will they or won't they pass the ROE ACT to secure reproductive rights in the Commonwealth?" Listen in to a lively conversation as activists and concerned residents recap progress on the ROE Act since it was first introduced in January 2019.