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Boston Red Cloaks - We use art to advocate. 

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Courage calls to courage everywhere

From podcast to stand-ins and field trips, social media art + educational campaigns Boston Red Cloaks help connect people to the legislative process, we have worked since summer 2018 to support constructive change that will help people thrive.

Red Cloaks Radio began in Summer 2020, helping track passage of important Massachusetts legislation called the ROE Act. Along the way, we learned from legislators and organizers across America and Canada who share a similar vision for a better future & we invite you to join us.

Our lively podcast connects listeners with leaders, candidates, artists and activists across America. Build a broader vision, expand your strategies to advance reproductive justice, and find inspiration by listening in.

Episodes are available on our website, soundcloud and apple podcasts.


We are interested in people who step up to organize and make positive changes at the local level. If you know someone we should interview, email us at

Tune in as we learn about current legislation proposals and find out how to help. Your voice matters!


We seek accurate information on aligned efforts across the U.S. and other countries. Reach out if you have a story to share.

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We supported passage of the ROE Act as originally proposed in January 2019, and ROE Act provisions in the Fiscal 2021 Budget Section 40 as delivered to Governor Baker December 4, 2020. Our petition grew from spring 2020 to November, reaching over 9,000 signatures. Despite COVID, we continued to demonstrate the convictions of Massachusetts voters who sought to codify our Constitutional rights and secure access for anyone needing care in the Commonwealth. We made calls, wrote postcards, met with our legislators, attended public hearings, wrote letters to the editor, interviewed people, created a video series called "Pass It On" to engage other voters, presented our petition, invited legislators, activists, artivists and organizers to Red Cloaks Radio, informed voters and found many creative ways to foster constructive civic engagement. Portions of the ROE Act passed.
COVID has posed additional challenges to safely petition our legislators and Governor.
We have sought new ways to speak out on important issues, including socially distant protests.
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Right without access Gail IMG_0117.JPG
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Women belong in the landscape.
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Efforts in 2020 did not fully secure the right for people to control their bodies.
Our work continues in pursuit of Reproductive Justice. SisterSong defines Reproductive Justice as: "the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities." We persist.
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