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We are thankful for: 

Abortion. Abortion providers. The Abortion Rights Fund of Western Mass.  "ARFWM"

An abortion in Western Mass in 2020 costs $700.00.

For those who can't afford the procedure, ARFWM helps provide financial support. We are pitching in.

Join us if you are able. A contribution of any amount - made directly to ARFWM - will help someone exercise their right to control their body & their future. We can make a difference collectively, with donations of any size amount.

If you are not able to make a financial contribution, please support their work by following them on social media.

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we give


Note: We learned you can dedicate your donation. Examples: in honor of clinic escorts, a supportive legislator a person or organization. 

(You can remain anonymous and still make a dedication.)

We learned about ARFWM in studying progress on the Mass. ROE Act. We appreciate their work and want to help people access the care they need! 

(Contributions to this fundraiser go directly to ARFWM. We are supporting their work, already in progress.)

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