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Episode 5: Supreme Court Decision & MA Definitions

The U.S. Supreme Court announces decision in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo. Are we celebrating? Relieved? Breaking down the decision, we find common threads between a dissent and definitions in the existing Massachusetts laws which regulate abortion. The proposed ROE Act would update Massachusetts laws to reflect accurate medical science - if our legislators take action.

June 29, 2020Supreme Court Decision & Definitions
00:00 / 13:50
Episode 6: Family Framing

How do family experiences frame our perception of abortion and influence our actions in support of reproductive rights? How are men's perceptions about women, abortion, and family influenced?

How do men, in turn, influence the effort to pass the ROE Act?

June 29, 2020Family Framing
00:00 / 15:08
Episode 7: Representative Tami Gouveia

July 3rd, we are in conversation with Representative Gouveia. How might we consider intersectionality and reproductive justice when assessing the current state of laws in the Commonwealth?  How would passage of the ROE Act impact public health in Massachusetts? How does the legislative process work? What is the role of individual representatives and committees?

July 3, 2020Representation & Reproductive Justice
00:00 / 23:38
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